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Troop 175 sponsored 9 scouts and 3 adults to participate in a High Adventure trip to Sea Base in the Bahamas from June 29 to July 5, 2012. Each participant, pictured here worked together, along with other younger scouts, to raise funds to pay for the cost of the adventure.  Some boys recieved their snorkeling patch. 

They spent 7 days aboard the ship, Abuntu, learning how to navagate and sail under the direction of Captain Dave.  Below describes the activities of each day and a map of the adventure these scouts encountered throughout the week.  Also check out additional photos of our trip.

The Trip

Friday, June 29th - North 26.33.15 West 77,03,12 - We headed out to Mermaid Reef just outside Marsh Harbor and did our first snorkeling exploration.  We saw thousands of colorful species of tropical fish.  We traveled over to the north side of Man-o-War Cay just north of Garden Cay (North 26,35,46 West 77,01,30) to anchor for the night to escape mosquitos.

Saturday, June 30th - After a breackfast prepared in the Galley, we traveled over to Fowl Cay (North 26,38,21 West 77,02,54) to snorkel the outside reef. There we saw a sea turtle and a black tip shark.  Later that day, we sailed to Man-o-War (North 26,35,57 West 77,00,44) where we anchored and went ashore to explore the island and meet the folks living on this tropical island.  We enjoyed eating the largest homemade cinnamon rolls baked by Lola and her husband.  We really enjoyed each other's company.  After returning to our ship, we sailed south to Hope Town (North 26 32,54 West 76,58,09) and anchored at Elbow Cay for the night.  That evening, we tour the island and had a great meal at harborside restaurant, followed by ice cream at the sugar shack.

Sunday, July 1st - We traveled back to the lighthouse in the morning for a tour of the only remaining kerosene light lighthouse.  From the top of the lighthouse you could see for miles in all directions.  We set sail for Water Cay (North 26,36,32 West 77,10,34) for more coral reef snorkeling. After lunch, we headed up to Treasure Cay (North 26,39,32 West 77,17,02) and anchored out for the night.  Just as we settled in, we were hit by a thunderstorm.  We all found comfort in the general quarters or under the outside canapy while we hung onto what we could as the ship pitched and rocked back and forth. Nobody got sick.

Monday, July 2nd - With an early start, we headed into treasure cay to anchor, spending the day at the marina and at the beach. As we sailed over to Bakers Bay (North 26,41,17 West 77,09,37), each of us took turns sailing our vessel all the way to the north end of Guana Cay.

Tuesday, July 3rd - We headed our early and sailed down to Fishers Bay (North 26,39,59 West 77,07,12) and achored in Guana Cay to snorkel the reef off the beach. We heard that other venturers had seen Hammerhead sharks.  So we decided to sail to Tilloo Cay, but only got as far as Elbow Cay where we anchored for the night.

Wednesday. July 4th - After watching another beautiful sunrise, we continued on to Tilloo Cay (North 26,26,27 West 76,59,27) and anchored north of the bank.  It sea was too shallow for the Abuntu to safey travers so we took the dinghy to check out the reef at the south end.  Unfortuanately, the ocean swells were to large to safely leave group so we headed back.  The group saw a Black Ray and rode along side it for a period of time as it glided across the sea floor.  A large baracuda found comfort in the shadow of our ship until it decided to move on.  We headed back to Marsh Harbor to dock the ship and began to clean the vessel.  We watch fireworks over the marina.

Thursday, July 5th - We headed back home to be with our families and tell them all about our adventure.

Below is a map of the Sea of Abaco, showing where we traveled.   Click here to view photos.
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Sea of Abaco Map.JPG Map of the Sea of Abaco