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"A very great vision is needed and the man who has it must follow it as the eagle seeks the deepest blue of the sky."
-Tashunkewitko, Oglala Indian Tribe

The Eagle Scouts of Troop 175

Over the years, our Troop has been honored with a growing number of boy scouts that has attained the rank of Eagle Scout.  The path to Eagle Scout is a journey of learning, growing, service, and is guided by a set of requirements.

Each  scout  that  sets out  to  reach the rank  of  Eagle,  is mentored by an adult scout leader and supported by his family and fellow scouts from Troop 175.  Obtaining this great accomplishment requires a dedication and commitment to scouting and is deserving of special recognition.  The list below is a tribute to those boy scouts who have attained the rank of Eagle Scout.

Eagle Scouts (1986 to Present)

Mastondrea, Christian (4/9/86)
Cusack, Joseph (6/15/89)
Kearney, Brian (7/31/89)
Pawlowski, Christopher (7/18/90)
Humes, Justin (11/15/91)
Hammel, Scott (5/27/93)
Koeppen, Jonathan (8/17/94)
Hawley, Ray (9/13/95)
Maxwell, Chris (9/13/95)
Hughes, Dan (3/6/98)
VanVooren, Michael (3/6/98)
Miranda, Robert (10/16/98)
Pawlowski, Matt (2/16/00)
Koeppen, Adam (8/10/00)
Wood, Travis (11/14/01)

Haas, Zac (1/29/03)
Pritchard, Nathan (7/8/03)
Fryer, Steven (9/21/04)
Gordon, Rory (11/3/04)

Wexler, Brian (12/7/04)
Amrich, Rob (1/11/06)
Quodomine, Justin (5/8/06)
McConnell, Gregory (8/7/06)
Hinrichs, Addison (11/27/06)
Blake, James (11/21/07)
Baggerly, Tyler (2/25/08)
Snyder, Mark (4/7/08)
Boutin, Brandon (4/9/08)
Edwards, Evan (6/12/08)
Brands, Kyle (1/13/09)

Bechaud, Robby (2/24/09)
McConnell, Jonathon (7/27/09)
Clark, Brandon (10/14/09)
Blake, Robert (6/14/10)
Wolfenden, Daniel (6/23/11)
Sena, Noah (7/18/11)
Hachlica, Justin (10/3/11)
Kovarik, Robert (11/21/11)
Farkas, Jimmy (12/20/11)
Gaertner, Sean (3/8/12)
Wahl, Kevin (6/10/13)
Rutkoski, Ryan (6/9/14)
Ganz, Jason (2014)
DeCostanza, Paul (5/11/15)
Sella, Matthew (7/16/15)

If you attained the rank of Eagle Scout with Troop 175 and your name is not listed, please contact Linda Hughes.